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Point of sale and E-commerce

Point of sale

When supplying a new product, distributors are responsible for ensuring that such waste can be returned to the distributor at least free of charge on a one-to-one basis as long as the equipment is of equivalent type and has fulfilled the same functions as the supplied equipment..

Distributors provide for the collection, at retail shops with sales areas relating to EEE of at least 400 m2, or in their immediate proximity, of very small WEEE (no external dimension more than 25 cm) free of charge to end-users and with no obligation to buy EEE of an equivalent type, unless an assessment shows that alternative existing collection schemes are likely to be at least as effective.

The distributors must at least by means of one or more posters explain that the EEEs are subjected to a recycling fee and mention the rate of recycling fees by category of EEEs.


All natural or legal persons whose head office is situated outside the Luxembourg territory and who sell EEEs directly to users located in Luxembourg are assimilated to importers.

As such, they are subjected to the same obligations and have the opportunity to join Ecotrel. The association endorses their obligations and they are asked to submit a declaration of their put on the market.

For more details on registration and reporting, please see the "How to join" and "Declaration" sections.