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Responsible management of resources

Ecotrel is approved by the Minister of Environement, Climat and Sustainable development and endorses the obligations of producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipments (EEE) as described in the modified in grand-ducal regulation of the 30/07/2013.

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Ecotrel and the circular economy

Ecotrel aims to integrate the concept of extended producer responsibility into that of the circular economy. The notion of resources is thus highlighted. Ecotrel deals with devices at the end of their life cycle and tries to extend this life cycle of products by repairing and reusing them.

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Ecotrel and the corporate responsability

Ecotrel constantly measures the environmental and social impacts of its activity through the implementation of an action plan that is part of a CSR policy in its daily activity.

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Ecotrel in figures

6.300.000 kg

of appliances collected a year

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of appliances placed on the market a year

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recovery rate

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accredited collectors and social service companies

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