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My device is reusable, what can I do?

In 2019, ECOTREL initiated the Social ReUse project in collaboration with a number of resource centers to promote the reuse of devices.

Citizens can hand over their devices in working order at a “diagnosis point” located in a dedicated area.

Which devices can you drop off?

Large equipment
For example: washing machines, clothes dryers...
Small equipment
For example: coffee machine, mixer…
IT equipment
For example: Laptop, Smartphone…
Audio/video equipment
For example: flat-screen TV, DVD player…

What happens to the equipment donated to the ReUse social project?

The social service provider Nei Aarbecht will take your devices back, prepare them for re-use and sell them from their store in Helmdange at a bargain price.

After a complete erasure of personal data, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your IT equipment are then reconditioned and distributed to people who need access to information and communication by the social service provider Digital Inclusion ASBL.

Participating resources centers?

1. CCN Junglinster

Beim Rossbur, L-6114 Junglinster

2. SIGRE Muertendall

15 Rue de Flaxweiler, L-6776 Grevenmacher

3. CCN Munsbach

12 Rue Jacques Lamort, L-5365 Munsbach

4. CCN Hesperange

1 r. Nachtbann, L-5955 Itzig Hesperange

5. S.I.V.E.C.

2-4 um Däich, L-3841 Schifflange

6. HEIN Bech-Kleinmacher

1 Quai de la Moselle, 5405 Bech-Kleinmacher

7. Pétange

24 Rue de l'Industrie, L-4823 Rodange

8. Mondorf-les-Bains

2 Pass. Bernard Simminger, L-5655 Mondorf-les-Bains

9. STEP Kayl

Rue de la Fontaine, L-3768 Tétange

10. STEP Dudelange

N31, L-3285 Dudelange

11. ECO-CENTER Käerjeng

1 Zone Op Zaemer, L-4959 Bascharage Käerjeng

12. S.I.D.E.C Fridhaff

Fridhaff, L-9378 Diekirch

13. S.I.D.E.C Lentzweiler

4, op der Bréimicht, L-9779 Lentzweiler

14. S.I.D.E.C Mersch

um Mierscherbierg, L-7526 Mersch

15. S.I.D.E.C Redange/Attert

Rue de niederpallen - Z.A Solupla, L-8506 Redange/Attert

This way, you contribute to increasing the life cycle of your devices by saving the resources needed to manufacture them while promoting social inclusion.